Friday, May 18, 2012

Petalsweet Spring 2012 Classes Part Two

After a fabulous trip to Toronto, I was home in San Diego just over 24 hours...long enough to do some laundry, re-pack my bags and then get myself to San Francisco! Once there, I met up with my amazingly talented and very lovely friends Viola Doyle and Mav Georgeson from Faye Cahill Cake Design in Sydney, Australia and we finished our last bit of prep for The Wedding Cake Class at Richard Festen's amazing studio at Baking Arts.

Viola, Mav and I taught this same wonderful class last year...4 days to create a two-tier wedding cake using the beautiful Australian techniques of chocolate ganache and fondant, as well as completing the tiers with an exquisite pearl finish and beautiful stenciling. Decorations for the cake included an open peony, hydrangea, buds and leaves...all in soft tones to complement Faye's beautiful original design:

After having so much fun last year and seeing the beautiful results from our students, we just couldn't wait to get back together to teach the class for a second time...and once again, we had a truly wonderful weekend. Here are some favorite photos...

Mud cakes covered with chocolate ganache:

A single tier covered with fondant...beautiful!

All of the tiers covered with fondant and stacked...ready for their finishing touches:

Teaching hydrangea, buds and leaves:

All set up for flower making:

Working on buds, filler flowers, and peonies:

Students putting the gorgeous pearl finish on their cakes:

Lovely Mav helping with the stenciling process:

Fabulous Viola and Mav helping me dust flowers to arrange on our demo cake:

Arranging sugar flowers:

And the gorgeous class with their amazing work:

Many, many thanks to all of our fabulous, kind and very talented students for the wonderful weekend! It was such a pleasure to meet all of you and work with you!! Your cakes and flowers were stunning...we are so proud!

And thank you to my lovely colleagues and very dear friends...Mav and Viola...could NOT have done it without you both - I so love working with you and spending time with you!

Thank you so much to the wonderfully talented Faye Cahill for your beautiful cake design and allowing us to share it with the students. And I am so honored to use my flowers as a finishing touch!

And we are all grateful to the ever fabulous Richard Festen for hosting us and making us all feel so very well cared for...we love teaching in your beautiful studio Richard - thank you again for having us!

Mav, Viola and Richard:

Thank you for stopping by...x

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