Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Petalsweet Classes - Sydney 2012

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since I visited and taught in Australia...but I'm happily back in Sydney and just finished my first round of flower classes at the lovely Whimsical Cakehouse studio! Three different classes in a beautiful setting (check out the photos below)...and filled with truly amazing and talented students...what a wonderful way to start my trip!

The views from the studio:

(Most of the photos below are courtesy of Guy Harden...thanks Guy!! )

The first class covered some of my favorite Southern flowers...the magnolia and gardenia. Little bits and pieces of flowers...

Dusting buds...

A bit of silliness at the end of a busy day!

Fabulous class photo...thank you ladies!! xo

And then it was time to teach a few of my favorites with lots and lots of petals....the peony and parrot tulip:

Explaining how the peony gets put together:

Taping peony petals:

 Another wonderful class photo...beautiful students and flowers:

Me with the fun and fabulous Betty Lakkis from Glasshouse Cakes and Supplies...Betty has become such a dear friend and treated me to a visit to her beautiful shop AND a footy game (rugby)!! Thank you Betty!

Hi Mel...thanks so much for coming to both classes... I loved your parrot tulip!

The lovely Hilary...x

And finally...the last class I taught at Whimsical Cakehouse was a three day intensive in making sugar flowers and then arranging them in a sugar vase!

The pretty Petalsweet color palette and my first of several coffees for the day...

Some one-on-one lessons in arranging sugar flowers...

Lovely Madeleine!

Holly working intently...

Jayne completed two of my courses and fell in love with making sugar flowers...yay Jayne!

Thivi and her gorgeous flowers...

Class photo (we are missing Rebecca here as she had to catch a flight home...see below)

Hi Rebecca!! We missed you in the class photo...thanks so much for coming to class! x

My lovely host Linda and her beautiful work...thank you so much for the really wonderful visit! x

Many, many thanks to all of my students for coming to class and sharing your wonderful selves with me! I hope you are loving your flowers and are already practicing your new skills! It was such a pleasure to meet you and work with you...xo

And my deepest gratitude to my hosts Linda and Guy Harden at Whimsical Cakehouse...thank you for the opportunity to teach at your wonderful venue and for taking such good care of was such a wonderful 10 days! I hope to be back soon! xx

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