Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Little Late for Spring...

This cake was made at the end of summer, but the flowers were created to reflect the freshness of springtime! Delicate purple freesia, mixed with green hydrangea and white filler flowers...all grouped together in bouquets and set against a pale yellow fondant background.

Here are some photos of the freesia in progress:

Sugarpaste buds:

Dusted with color:

Freesia flowers:

Flowers and buds taped together into bouquets:

Bouquet placement on the cake:

And the final cake with the addition of a big, playful bow!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Last Gardenia

I made several extra gardenias for the wedding cake in the previous post...just in case any of the petals were broken during assembly or delivery. With the last flower sitting prettily on my work table this morning, I thought it might be an elegant choice to use on its own on top of a very small cake. With that in mind, I created this little four inch anniversary cake...the perfect size to be shared by two: