Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Late August Seaside Wedding

This past week, I had the pleasure of making a cake for a lovely couple who are also dear friends. They were married at the Scripps Seaside Forum, a gorgeous new indoor/outdoor venue in La Jolla, California, with incredible ocean views. While early in the day it was quite hot and muggy, the evening could not have been any more beautiful, and the couple's ceremony was a warm and wonderful event.

The beautiful view:

And what we all enjoyed as the ceremony ended:

The bride and groom asked for a small cake to include alongside the caterer's table of mini desserts. Custom sugarpaste flowers included gardenias, green hydrangea and little white jasmine flowers and buds, all coordinated to go with the green, white and ivory color theme.

Here are some photos of the flowers in progress...

Jasmine filler flowers and buds:

Gardenia centers:

A gardenia close-up:

Hydrangea centers ready for green petals:

And a picture of the completed cake at the venue:

Many thanks to the bride and groom for letting me be a part of their beautiful day. What an amazing way to enjoy the last few days of summer!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Enough for a Small Gathering

The cake I designed this week was small and unfussy...but challenging due to its simplicity and clean lines. My kind and lovely bride wanted just enough cake for a small, intimate gathering of her family and friends. She had planned a Sunday morning wedding at the beach, followed by brunch on the patio of a beautiful venue...and requested dark chocolate cake hidden beneath ivory colored buttercream. She also knew she loved Phalaenopsis orchids and was hoping I could incorporate a few of them and some simple greenery into the design.

Here are the sugarpaste orchids and leaves while they are drying:

And the orchids once dusted and painted:

And dusting colors for the leaves:

And some photos of the final cake!

Congratulations to my lovely bride and her groom! It was such a pleasure to be a part of their wonderful celebration!