Friday, February 4, 2011

Petalsweet Classes in San Diego...

I have just started teaching local sugar flower classes here in San Diego at Ro Z's Sweet Art Studio in San Marcos, California. Ro Zinniger, the fabulous owner of the studio, has a great space that is split into a retail side and a teaching/studio side. The studio is perfect for some of my flower classes, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to use it! Thank you so much Ro!!

Ro also offers a lot of other cake decorating and sugar craft classes through her School of Confectionery sure to check out her site for more information!

I wanted to share some photos from my most recent classes...first was a class covering Gardenia and Ranunculus flowers. Here is some of the set up prior to class beginning:

Student Gardenias drying:

Our finished Ranunculus flowers and a few Gardenias with their dark, glossy leaves attached:

I also taught a class on the filler flowers I use most...Hydrangea and little Pulled Blossoms. We worked over two sessions to make all the delicate flowers, buds and leaves, and then dusted them in beautiful colors, including a touch of pink in anticipation of Valentine's Day. At the end of class we taped all of our flowers and leaves together to create a small bouquet.

Student working diligently on the tiny pieces:

The color palette:

Our completed sugar flower bouquets:

Boxed up to go home:

We all had a great time, and my students did fabulous work!! I'm looking forward to the next two local classes including an Open Peony with Stamens and then my Spring Collection which includes Anemone and Freesia. More class information and registration is on Ro Z's Sweet Art Studio site.

Now it's time to prepare and get organized for my next set of classes at Minette Rushing's Custom Cakes in Savannah, GA later this month. Can't wait! Hope to see some of you there!

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