Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Miniatures

Through the wonderful world of the Internet, I recently had the privilege of collaborating with the incredible Jocelyn Teo of AiClay Miniatures, who is based in Singapore. She is an artist who creates amazing miniature sculptures and jewelry out of polymer clay.

It all began with me swooning over her amazing talent on Flickr and leaving some comments about her gorgeous photos. She graciously commented back on some of my cake photos, and we bantered back and forth about our respective businesses. Jocelyn then asked if she could use one of my designs as inspiration for a cake in miniature, and I was both thrilled and very flattered! Several days later, she sent me some photos of her finished artwork...and I wanted to get it posted here as soon as possible!

Here is my original design...a small cake covered with chocolate fondant and decorated with grosgrain ribbons and a single white peony sugar flower:

And here is Jocelyn's version...a tiny cake in chocolate colored clay, decorated with a stunning peony:

And take a look at this second photo to see all of the details of her amazing talent. The ribbons are so tiny! This cake is only 1.7 cm in height, and 1.5 cm in diameter:

In addition to Jocelyn's blog and Flickr site, you can also find her beautiful miniatures in her store on Etsy!

Jocelyn, thank you so much for your time and for sharing your wonderful artwork with me! I'll be ready for my first miniature sculpting lesson as soon as I can get to Singapore!


Michael McCafferty said...

So cool... looks like a chocolate cake donut hole! I could pop a dozen of those critters no problem.
Very nice work!

jocelyn teo said...

aww thank you Jacqueline! this is a lovelyyyyyy entry! and i'm still flattered that you found me wanting to use your cake as inspiration flattering! (hahha if that makes sense) Looking forward to chatting with you again! :)

Nina said...

Superbe ;-)