Sunday, January 24, 2010

Color Inspiration

I was in a small book and stationery store in The Village a few weeks ago, looking for a birthday card. This particular store has a great selection of unique cards, and I always end up bringing extras home to use at a later date. This trip was no exception, and while I was looking through all of the displays, I happily came across this card:

I would like to say I was drawn to it because of its lovely sentiment (I am a sucker for anything even remotely romantic), but I actually picked it up because of the color palette. Green and pink is a favorite combination, and I loved the particular tones featured on the card. My next thought was how I might reproduce the colors in a cake design...and it didn't take long after I was home to make a quick sketch of my vision.

I didn't want to wait for someone to order a cake with these colors, so I quickly put together a display cake to see it all together. I made the flower topper, and added some grosgrain ribbon and a few extra hydrangeas to complete the look:

Here is the bouquet topper made with a peony, hydrangea, filler flowers and leaves:

The peony was an extra that I had in my flower stash, and it was originally white. I dusted the base of the petals with a pale yellow, then colored them all over with pale tones of soft pink and tangerine. Once the petals were done, I added a touch of deep pink to all of the petal edges to give the flower some depth:

Thank you for stopping by!

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Brandy L said...

Gorgeous cake! i love the flowers and the colors of them. I really need to buy myself some petal dust. I just want to know how to make those big flowers.

Jennywenny said...

So pretty! Love the spring color pallete.

Where do you buy your paintbrushes for applying petal dust? Just a regular art store?

Thanks for your email, it was languishing in my spam folder and I just found it! Looks like the next few weeks will be just insane, I have 3 cakes to make next weekend, the following weekend, then its valentines, but I may be free the weekend after that! I'll be in touch soon.

faithy said...

So pretty! I love all your flowers! They are so life-like! I wish i have talent like you do. Your works are very neat with very clean lines! I like..:) Perfect work always!

Emily said...

Beautiful colors and such exquisite flowers! I really need some flower classes...but your tutorials are awesome! Thanks for posting them!