Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Craftsy Sugar Flower Class by Petalsweet

In late January I had the pleasure of returning to the Craftsy studios in Denver, Colorado to film another online sugar flower class! Many thanks to the folks there for the lovely invitation to film again!

It's been over 5 years since my first class, and a lot has changed...the filming process is much more streamlined so we were able to cover more material in less time, but it also required a lot more prep on the front end! There were a few crazy weeks around the holidays!

I was speaking with Craftsy for most of last year, but initially we couldn't come up with the right collection of flowers for the class, and then they didn't have enough allocations for another sugar flower video when I had the availability to film.

Eventually, last fall, the timing and content came together and I spent the next two months working with my editor and producer to create what will hopefully be a fun new class!

Here are a few hints...

I don't know the exact date the new class will launch, but it will be coming soon and I will share that information as soon as possible!

In the meantime, the lovely folks at Craftsy have set me up with a great GIVEAWAY for a FREE copy of the class! You can enter using the link below:


The winner will be announced on the day of the class launch - I'll be in touch via email and forward the link to the free class!

More hints and information coming soon..I hope you enjoy it!

Jacqueline and Petalsweet x

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Wenni Donna said...

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