Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is Here at Petalsweet!

It's been a very busy Winter season here at Petalsweet...and we are so happy to see all of the beautiful signs of Spring! Here's what we've been up to...

Planning for our upcoming international classes and workshops...we are thrilled to be teaching in Spain, Australia and Thailand this summer...please follow the links below for more information:
Making lots of flowers for our cake designs and future classes, including a few anemones...

Some cherry blossoms...

More peonies...

And a few roses...

We've loved having a chance to play with some new flowers and some new colors, and can't wait to share some pretty cake designs and projects in the coming months!

Our many thanks for your ongoing support...we see many of you on our Petalsweet Cakes facebook page and so appreciate the time you take to stop by to say hello!

Thanks so much for stopping by...
Jacqueline and Petalsweet x

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simonarossi66 said...

Ohhh ..... finally!
Dearest Jacqueline thank you very much ...........
the email I received this morning cheered me a lot and gave me a sense even more fragrant this spring .... Thank you for your work.
I've been looking forward to this moment ... and here we are, I'm ready to learn many new things.
I can not wait to find out which video of your beautiful flowers you made for all of us who appreciate you so 'much
I'm excited for me ............... and happy for you!
I just had access to the site Cake Master and it seems really professional, high quality, diverse and very rich!
Congratulations and best wishes for your new adventure this.
I will follow you every day with such a lot of passion and interest.
A dear greeting
with affection

Cynthia said...

Wow! Those cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the cutters and/or veiners for them?

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I am learning how to make sugar flowers, but my anemones do not have any shape. what do you use to dry the anemone petals to retain their curved shape?

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you so much Simona! I appreciate your lovely message!

Cynthia..the cutters are just a 6 petal blossom shape and I nicked the ends with the v-shaped end of another cutter. They are veined by hand with a toothpick.

Anonymous...just dry your petals in spoons for a nice cupped shape!

Jacqueline x

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacqueline,
I've been and still am so in love with your gorgeous sugar flowers and I'm super-excited to hear that you'll be teaching more online classes! I love your Craftsy class! I just saw the introduction of your gardenia tutorial and I'm blown away. Could you please, please gimme a little hint what other flowers you're planning to teach on Cake Masters?
Many thanks and best wishes,

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Bella...thanks so much! Hmmm...a hint? Well I can tell you some of my favorites will definitely be coming up in the near future. Some of the flowers I teach and feature on my FB page often! I'm sorry I can't tell you more - but I hope to share more soon! Jacqueline x

Lisa Donnelly said...

Congratulations on all the amazing things you are doing to share your knowledge and talent - your sugar flowers are some of the most beautiful I've seen! Can't wait to see what's next!!!

Unknown said...

Hellow maam
I love your work.
And it would be a pleasure learning from you.
Please do let me know the updates if u ever hosts workshops in south asian countries. I'm
An Indian so it wud be convenient for me to travel in near by countries .
Thank you

Unknown said...

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