Monday, April 2, 2012

Craftsy Sugar Flower Video Update

Hard to believe, but it's been just about 10 weeks since my Handcrafted Sugar Flowers online video with Craftsy was launched in mid-January...and I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to connect with so many of you via your questions and beautiful photos on the Craftsy platform..and all of your lovely updates and comments on Facebook and Twitter! I'm so grateful to all of you who have registered and followed the Lessons in the class...and also for sharing photos of your wonderful projects! Thank you so much!!

It was my hope you would find the lessons, tips and techniques helpful for the Hydrangeas and Filler Flowers I cover in the video...but also in other flower-making you do on your own! I designed the course to be more of a foundation and introduction to good flower craftsmanship...and hopefully your new skills will transfer easily if you want to try to master new and different flowers!

These are the flowers I taught in the course...Hydrangea and Filler Flowers, along with buds and leaves:

I've happily collected some photos of student work from the Craftsy video and would love to share them with you...and if I have mis-spelled any one's name or you would like me to add a link to your photo - please do not hesitate to contact me via email. I'm more than happy to make changes!

So here we go...

Beautiful hydrangea and fillers mixed with a gorgeous pink rose by Tatyana:

Lovely bouquet by Cutiedoki:

Tammy's beautiful blue hydrangea mixed with a wonderful pink peony:

Bright and fun bouquets by ALdabra:

More of Tatyana's stunning work:

Adorable and sweet little arrangement by Lara (love the pink centers!):

And Ilona's gorgeous flowers mixed with a beautiful peach peony she created:

Tina of Sweet T & Cake used an incredibly fun and vibrant color palette to create her delicate flowers and this fabulous cake:

Carol created these fabulous bouquets...and then was inspired to make some peonies as well! Gorgeous!

Aditi created this wonderful anniversary cake with her stunning flowers:

Heidy's flowers mixed with some beautiful roses she created:

And she also created a beautiful wedding cake with a sugar vase on top filled with more gorgeous flowers:

Here are Evangeline's fabulous in purple and the other in blue! You can find her work at Sweet Sweet Blooms:

These are Mark's amazing hydrangeas with their beautiful leaves:

And one of my students was inspired by the lessons in the class as well as some of my peonies and created her very first wedding cake for her brother! This is Houn's amazing masterpiece:

I just received a lovely comment from Charlotte at Sugar Ruffles who was lovely to share her beautiful flowers...all arranged with a wonderful peony on a fabulous cake! Thank you Charlotte!

I had additional photos to share, but they were sized too small when I copied them over from the Craftsy site, so they were barely visible when they were posted here. I'd love for the following artists to contact me when you can and send me a new photo to share:

* Candianne
* Charismaza
* Love a Cake

Many many thanks to all of you for taking the time to post your questions and comments on the Craftsy's been wonderful to help you learn some of my favorite techniques and to see your beautiful flowers and projects! I'm continually inspired by your wonderful please keep sharing it with me...

I hope to offer more online videos and instructional materials in the future...and would love to know more about the types of flowers and/or techniques you wish to learn?!

Thanks for stopping by!

If you'd like to know more about my Handcrafted Sugar Flowers video, you can read about it and register here!

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Trine Als said...

So lovely to see some of your skilled "students" work to. But to be a skilled student you need a skilled teacher ;)
Beautiful flowers.

Kate said...

Lovely Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing. I too have watched your craftsy course many times but have only made the time to create a few leaves and centres. I WILL get there eventually! You are so inpsiring and I am just so greatful you have made yourself available via craftsy for those who cannot attend your actual classes.

Annapet said...

Wow, my "classmates" are awesome because we have a FABULOUS TEACHER!

tina said...

Im so thrilled to be part of your blog Jacqueline. You make yourself so availiable to answer all our questions and it makes the course so user friendly and interactive. And just lokk at what we get to make Yay!! fabulous from Tina

Charlotte said...

Thank you for the excellent tutorials. Here are the sugar flowers I created

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! It has been such a pleasure to teach this course! And Charlotte...I just added your message and a link to your site so readers can see your flowers! Thank you! Jacqueline x

Holly said...

Flowers were my ENEMY. I felt so defeated and hopeless. Your class was detailed and to the point. Most importantly, it gave me confidence to branch out and apply your teaching to other flower creations. I'm thrilled... and, I have to say, chomping at the bit to find more of your classes. How do I find that information? Hugs to you, and thank you so very much, ~Holly

Jacqueline Butler said...

Oh just made my day! Truly. Thank you so much for your wonderful message...and I'm SO glad the course was helpful to you and that flowers are no longer your enemy!! No fun in that! I hope to offer more online videos in the very near place for updates is here on my blog, my Petalsweet Cakes FB page, and my Newsletter which you can sign up for on my blog as well. Hugs back to you!! Jacqueline x

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline, I was so excited that you finally made classes available to everyone. I really love the way you explain everything step by step in order for your students to have an opportunity to create beautiful bouquets in a fast and easy coarse. Not all sugar craft teachers explain in such a detailed yet easy way. Thanks again for this wonderful class and for posting my Pictures as well. Heidy

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thanks so much Heidy! So glad you enjoyed the course...and congratulations on your beautiful wedding cake!! So fabulous! Jacqueline x

Arilena said...

Hi Jacqueline,

I just ordered your online class by crafty, i must say it is really help me to understand the whole ideas about making sugarpaste flower (i wish that we have you here in holland). I really want to learn how to make "your version" of peony, ranunculus or other flowers, so i can't wait for your other online classes.


Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you so much Arilena! So glad you are enjoying the course! I hope to get to Holland to teach some classes in the early part of next year! Jacqueline

l.vanderkirk said...

With such amazing student work, it certainly speaks of your talent as a teacher! I followed a garden trail from Sweet Sixteen: May Flowers Collection where your flowers are featured, and I'm glad I did!

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you so much for your very kind message...I really appreciate it! Welcome to the Petalsweet blog...thank you for commenting! Jacqueline