Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodbye Summer...and Southern Magnolia Sugar Flowers

Just when I thought I was ready to think seriously about Fall and the upcoming Holiday Season, I decided I wanted just a bit more time with one of my favorite summertime flowers - the grand Southern Magnolia...

So I put together a few of the over-sized blooms with several buds, and a handful of the gorgeous leaves that are so striking against the flower's white petals. Here are the two-tone leaves before they were dusted and glazed:

And here they are's always amazing to me the difference with just a small addition of dark green petal dust and Confectioner's Glaze:

Open flower with buds and leaves:

Turns out I made these at the perfect time to decorate a small wedding cake design...clean and simple with a little green ribbon to finish:

Very soon after, I had the fabulous opportunity to teach this beautiful flower to a lovely group of students at Baking Arts in San Francisco! Each student made a gorgeous open flower and bud, and a pair of glossy leaves. In addition, we also made my favorite filler flowers...hydrangea and five-petal pulled flowers:

Many thanks to my wonderful all did stunning work, and it was such a pleasure working with you! And thank you to my fabulous host, Richard Festen, of the Baking Arts studio - working with you is a joy - thank you for the opportunity!

I'm looking forward to my final class for the year, and am currently working on plans and details for new classes, workshops, instructional materials and supplies for I'd love to know - what are the top 3 sugar flowers you would like to learn?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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The enchanted home said...

Your talent truly takes my breath are AMAZING!

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you so much, Tina!! You are so kind!! x

karynees said...

Would love to learn ranunculus, spotted orchid, and open peony.

Thanks for posting the's great to remember such a great weekend of flower-making!

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers as usual! Would love to learn ranunculus, peonies and orchids! :) please drop by perth next year if you have the time :D

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers as always! I would love to learn how to make moth orchids. Thanks for asking.

Lotta said...

peonys, cause you make them like noone else! and orchids too and lilies

Jennywenny said...

Stunning! I think it's time for me to take on the rose, and one thing I'd love to learn is sugar succulents.

Cakes Brisbane said...

These are fantastic! Absolutely amazing.