Friday, November 19, 2010

Sugar Ranunculus Flowers by Petalsweet

Just when I think I have arranged enough colorful sugar flowers against a dark chocolate background, a new idea pops into my head, and I just have to make it happen!

One of my new favorite sugar flowers is the ranunculus. I used quite a few of them in a large bouquet and topper this past summer, and have had many requests from students wanting to learn how to make them! They are not difficult to create, but just a bit time consuming with all of their many rows of petals. The ranunculus flower is so unique, though...delicate and pretty, but very modern and sophisticated at the same time.

I just love using them mixed with other flowers:

And the complete design:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Jenniffer said...

These flowers are SO beautiful and this cake is very striking! Your cakes are fantastic!!

Elins Cards and other handscrafts said...

I love your ranunculus Jacqueline. They are different and really nice. Have a nice day ;o)

SweetThingsTO said...

Beautiful as always.

Maddy said...

Wow, beautiful combination. I love your creations!