Sunday, September 5, 2010

Practicing Sugar Flower Tulips

I know I'm WAY off season for sugar least in this part of the world...but I have been wanting to try my hand at some parrot tulips since I had the chance to take a sugar flower class with the very talented James Rosselle last month. I have made tulips before, but the petals were very simple...nothing like the fun and flirty petals for the parrot variety!

So after enjoying a thorough introduction to parrot tulips in class a few weeks ago, I spent part of a day practicing and re-creating them...

Drying petals:

Dusting the petals with color and pearl:

The finished tulip petals all taped together:

And a little peek at their centers:

I can't wait to try them in different colors and use them in a new about fluffy white tulips mixed with peonies and hydrangea? I don't think I want to wait until Spring for this please stay tuned...and thanks for stopping by!

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faithy said...

Gorgeous tulips! I can't wait to see them on a cake!

Jo said...

They're beautiful! Can't wait to see them with color and in one of your beautiful bouquets! Great job!

Bianka said...

Beautiful tulips. I'd love to learn more sugar flowers, unfortunately I live very far from you. Your hydrangea tutorial was very helpful to me, as well as your tips on how to make your roses. Always check your blog to see if you post a peonies tutorial.


philippines flower said...

What a wonderful flower tulips it is a great one fabulous. Keep posting!


Royal cake said...

I have no words, your flowers seem real!

Sugar Daze said...

Those are so gorgeous and they actually look fairly easy to create. Thanks for sharing - will have to try my hand soon! PS See you will be teaching in CT in March and I am seriously wondering if there is any way I could get over for that! Best,

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thanks Cat...would love to see you in March! These tulips are definitely a favorite...I keep them simple in green and white, but they also come in really amazing color combinations!