Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sugar Peonies on Pale Yellow

I definitely find myself drawn to colors that go well with green. And I'm pretty sure green is my new favorite color! When I was growing up, I loved everything blue...and couldn't get enough of it. Now when I see ANY other color, I wonder how it might blend with different shades of must have something to do with my love for anything floral!

Here is a three tier design in a pretty, pale yellow. And as usual, decorated with sugar flowers including a grand peony on the top tier, and a small peony bud on the lower tier. Both are surrounded by little white filler flowers, tiny yellow buds, leaves, and a sprinkling of green hydrangea to make it look fresh!

The arrangement on the top tier:

And the finished design:

Thank you for stopping by!

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Kara said...

Green is my favorite too! Always has been...Your flowers are gorgeous. Do you use a veiner for your peony petals or just leave them smooth? They look really smooth and porcelain-like, they're beautiful.

Danielle said...

Sooo lovely. I want to learn peonies! I haven't really done sugar flowers yet!

Marti said...

Jackie ! Just saw your pale yellow cake with you perfect flowers!!! I love it, soft, gentle, lovely.

Luciene masironi said...

I love your Peonies, Always I read your blog,and try to learn on my own to make your flowers.
I hope have class with you one day.

Do you make the stamens ?how many do you use to make one peone?
Luciene Masironi

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Luciene...thank you for your lovely comment! I do not make the stamens...I purchase them online. For my oversized peonies, I usually use a full bunch of them (1 packet) to make the center...if I am making a smaller flower, then I use 1/2 bunch. Hope to see you in class some day soon! Jacqueline x