Friday, July 13, 2012

Petalsweet Classes - Sydney 2012 Part II

After my lovely visit to Whimsical Cakehouse, I had the wonderful opportunity to return to the studio of renowned cake artist Faye Cahill, located in a small suburb just outside Sydney city limits. I taught several classes at Faye's last year, and she graciously offered up her newly located studio to me again this year for several more. Thank you for having me, Faye!!

Faye's work is truly stunning, and her studio is a reflection of her incredible taste and her eye for beautiful details:

Set up for class:

Sweet peas and leaves drying:

Adding a bit of pearl dust to finish: 

Group photo from the first class...Sweet peas, Ranunculus and Filler Flowers:

Peony petals drying:

Students beginning to arrange flowers on their cake tiers:

Group photo of the second class...Open Peony Topper:

Many thanks to all of my truly lovely all worked so diligently to create some really beautiful flowers - thank you for coming to class and sharing your time with me! And thank you so much to Faye and her staff for welcoming me to her studio and taking such good care of all of us! I hope to be back soon! x

Up next...classes in Melbourne!

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Alejandro Torres said...

Jacqueline- You are a true inspiration. When are you doing another craftsy class? Would love to learn how you create such beautiful peonies.


Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you so much Alex...hoping to have another online course in the very near future - the peony has been a very popular request! Will keep you posted! Jacqueline x