Monday, July 23, 2012

Petalsweet Classes - Melbourne 2012

The final stop on my Australian tour this year was The Cake School in Ringwood...just about 20 minutes outside the city of Melbourne! My dear friend and lovely host Fran McGregor, owner of the school, picked me up at the airport on one of the few bright and sunny days during the trip, and we immediately drove into the city for the first order of business...a coffee and pastry from the famous Brunetti's:

The following day was all preparation for my three classes...including making paste and setting up all of the tools, supplies and student workstations:

In addition to the wonderful class room, The Cake School also has a beautifully appointed lounge/sitting room/lobby in the front of the building. It is gorgeous...with all kinds of wonderful vintage prettiness that Fran has collected over time:

First up was a class that covered the Ranunculus, Gardenia and Sweet Peas...lots of very lovely students to start my week of teaching:

The second class included two of my favorites...the Southern Magnolia and Parrot Tulip...and more wonderful students making beautiful flowers:

And finally, my last workshop before heading home was the Open Peony Topper...two days working on a beautiful peony flower and some of my favorite fillers (hydrangea and pulled flowers) and then arranging them on a single tier. How lucky for me to have another classroom filled with fabulous and talented students!!

Many thanks to all of my kind and very lovely students for coming to class and sharing your time with me! It was wonderful to meet you all and work with you - and congratulations on all of your stunning flowers! Thank you for making my time in Melbourne so special!

And endless gratitude to my lovely host Fran for taking such fabulous care of all of us during class...and for taking so much time to make me feel welcome and at home during my stay! I so appreciate the wonderful opportunity to teach at The Cake School! Thank you so much, Fran!

More flowers and photos coming soon...thanks for stopping by...x

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VeryChic said...

I can't believe I missed out on all the fun learning sugar flowers during your trip to Australia! Are you planning on putting up a Craftsy class on creating peonies and magnolias soon? I would be the first to sign up if you do. Love your work xx

Jacqueline Butler said...

Will keep you posted about future online flower classes...I hope to have some good news soon! Hope to see you in Australia next year! Jacqueline x

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline, I do not have words to thank you for these tutorials, God bless you and your family. Millions of blessings from Canada