Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sugar Flower Ranunculus and Gardenias

Although sugar flower peonies are still in very high demand, the flower that is currently holding strong in second place is the ranunculus! I have had many inquiries about this adorable flower, and have been so happy to have the opportunity to both make them and teach them!

I recently worked with two lovely and talented students for a full day of sugar flower private instruction. On the curriculum...gorgeous deep pink ranunculus flowers, and the always elegant gardenia.

Getting started...all the tools and supplies in place:

Work in progress:

The color palette for the day:

Dusting flowers and buds:

All of the beautiful ranunculus flowers:

Fabulous student work:

All of our completed flowers and buds:

Adorable and happy students:

And how cute is this? My student sent me a few photos of her gardenias...a beautiful close-up with the leaves attached:

And one of her gorgeous sugar flowers sitting among REAL gardenias...it looks amazing:

Many, many thanks to my wonderful students...it was a great day filled with laughter and some fabulous flower-making!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Jeannie and Henry said...

You have done it again...another beautiful flower. Thank for sharing.

veena krishnakumar said...

so beautiful

Jana said...

Dear Jacqueline
Sorry, my english is not very good... I love your blog!! The flowers are so beautiful!! You are a fantastic artist!! The ranunculus is my favorite! Can you tell me how you make this flower?

Hege Arvesen said...

I love your flowers!! Thanks fr sharing. From Hege/ www.kakedesign.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

how i wish I could be one of your students. I'm in Singapore (in Asia).

Dahlia Ismail

Jaime said...

I am so inspired by your work. I am new at flower making and love your detailed work and tutorials. I can wait to start practicing!! I would love to have a tutorial on the ranunculus if you are willing to post one. They are absolutely beautiful!! Thanks again for sharing your work with us.


Emmalee said...

LOVE your ranunuclus flowers! Please, please in the near future can you post a tutorial for them? I learned so much with your hydrangea tutorial. Thank you so much!


singapore florist said...

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Clare Sheppard said...

Hi Jacqueline,

Your flowers are a work of art. Absolutely amazeballs!!!!

Do you use a special tool in order to get the rings on your Ranunculus buds?

Thank you for bringing such wonderful talent and inspiration to the cake decorating profession!

Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi again Clare...no special tools for the rings, just anything small and round that you can find around the house..think pen caps, straws, etc. Jacqueline

michaela said...

waw! I am speechless!