Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Petalsweet in Australia Part II

After a fabulous first week out in the country in the Yarra Valley outside Melbourne (see Part I below), I flew to the beautiful and bustling city of Sydney, Australia for the next round of classes, and to visit some very dear friends!

Due to my teaching schedule, I was going to be in Sydney for just about a month, so I stayed in a wonderful high-rise apartment building in the middle of all of the excitement of the view:

One little thing that made me very happy was the easy access to really good coffee...they take it pretty seriously over there, and I was thrilled to be on the receiving end of some really good mugs full of the stuff (thank you Viola!):

My first two classes in Sydney were at the lovely studio of the incredibly talented Faye Cahill, in a little suburb outside the city. Faye and her staff graciously hosted me for 4 days of teaching...and a few days of hanging out...and I loved every minute! If you are unfamiliar with Faye's beautiful and inspirational are a few photos of her studio and cake designs:

The first class I taught covered some of my signature flowers including the open peony, hydrangea and filler flowers...all arranged on a beautiful little 6" tier. This was the class project:

Some of the teaching process:

Arranging demonstration:

And my students did a fabulous job creating and arranging their flowers:

Great class photo:

The second class covered some of my favorite Spring flowers...parrot tulips and freesia blossoms:

Students created numerous flowers, buds and leaves, and then dusted them with beautiful colors to finish. The petals and leaves drying:


A bit of pearl dust to catch the light:

Gorgeous student work:

Another great class photo:

Many, many thanks to ALL of my students for coming to class - it was such a pleasure meeting and working with you! And thank you to Mav and Viola for your perfectly executed assistance during set-up and class time...and for being your fabulous, kind and talented selves. And finally, my heartfelt thanks to Faye for hosting me and letting me teach in your lovely space...I truly loved it, and I can't thank you enough for the amazing opportunity:

And right after classes were over, despite a bit of rainy weather, I finally had my first glimpse of the gorgeous Sydney Harbor Bridge:

More Sydney to come...thank you for stopping by!

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Winnie Lee said...

So glad to see the posts on Oz!! Wish you had time to make it over to us in WA. There is always next year!!

Sugar Daze said...

Stunning! When are you coming to Paris to teach? :)

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you! I hope to get to Perth and Europe in 2012! xo