Friday, September 17, 2010

Peony and Hydrangea Cake Topper Class

I just returned from beautiful Savannah, Georgia where I taught a sugar flower class at the fabulous Minette Rushing's Custom Cakes. The class included instruction in making an over-sized peony, hydrangea, filler flowers and lots of buds and leaves, as well as techniques in coloring and arranging them. My students worked hard over three full days to create and color a lot of flowers, and then spent the last few hours of class arranging them all into a beautiful cake topper! Here are some photos from our class:

The paste ready to be turned into flowers, buds and leaves:

Our project for class:

Work stations:

Drying peony petals:

Drying leaves:

Students busy working:

Completed peonies...aren't they gorgeous?

The dusting color palette:

Demonstrating how to arrange all of the flowers:

And a wonderful group photo of all of us at the end of class...especially featuring my lovely, talented and gracious students and their beautiful toppers:

Thanks for stopping by...please check back for more information about future classes, as well as more photos of cakes and sugar flowers!

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Kyla said...

Those peonies came out gorgeous! Btw, your link to Minette's website is broken.

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thanks Kyla! I just fixed the link...thanks for letting me know! Jacqueline

keith said...

It's magical!

SweetThingsTO said...

Lucky students! I wish I lived close by to take a class.

Amber said...

Do you ever come to Charleston, SC? I'd love to take one of your classes. If I had known you would be that close I woudl have gone to Savannah!

sweets in bulk said...

I am so impressed with you guys. It is so amazing! Very professional. I love your work! Keep it up!