Thursday, August 5, 2010

Petalsweet Preparing for ICES Part II

The ICES Convention is about a week away now, and I am just about finished with all of the prep work for my display cake. I need to complete my peony flowers and buds, and will be dusting my freesia and hydrangea flowers today and tomorrow...and hopefully it will all be done just in time to create the floral topper and arrangements this weekend. Here are a few more photos from this past week!

Yellow ranunculus flowers:

The flower prep so far without the peonies and freesia:

Getting ready to dust the leaves:

Dusted hydrangea leaves:

Glazed hydrangea, peony and gardenia leaves:

Styrofoam order from last week...and somewhere in there are the specific tiers I decided to use for my display cake:

...and they have already been covered with fondant, and are ready to be stacked and decorated with the final elements of my design! I'm keeping things pretty simple to balance the tiers and the flowers...and I'm looking forward to having it all come together!

More photos coming soon...thanks for stopping by!

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cata said...

sooo pretty!!!
can't wait for the final result

Jennywenny said...

How exciting! I'm so excited to see the final result! I've booked the Thurs and Fri off work, and I'll make sure to stop by on Sunday evening for sure. Should be a fun week!

Kristy Damron said...

Your work is truly inspiring and beautiful! Can't wait to see the final display cake!

Laura said...

Spectacular flowers! Can I ask you how do you glaze the leaves? Thanks!

Michael McCafferty said...

podium potential...

you rock!


Jacqueline Butler said...

Thanks so much everyone!

@Laura - I use Confectioner's Glaze on them once they are dry and dusted. Steaming produces a soft sheen, but the glaze is great for a real glossy effect!

@Michael - it is sharing only at the ICES competition! But thank you for the vote of confidence! : )

Jo said...

Exciting!!! I can't wait to see your completed cake!

Kate Somburanayut said...

Wow ........ absolutely pretty flower. I am so excited to see your cake.

Anonymous said...

i love all your work. and you are so organized. i'm looking forward for more updates from you.

Dahlia Ismail, Singapore