Monday, May 10, 2010

Petalsweet in San Francisco - Part One

I just got back from a wonderful long weekend in San Francisco! Such a fabulous city, and even more enjoyable when one is treated to spectacular weather, and wonderful opportunities to meet and work with some really amazing people! Here is the first part of my recap of an absolutely lovely couple of days!

I chose to stay in Mill Valley, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge...lush and beautiful and still really green this time of year. It's so different from the dryness of San Diego...and really close to where I grew up!

The view from my hotel...and Mount Tamalpais...which is still one of my favorite hiking spots:

Gorgeous view from the Marin Headlands as I drove into the city:

I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful client who wanted to learn more about several sugarpaste flowers, including hydrangea, filler flowers, Phalaenopsis orchids and peonies. Over two days we reviewed techniques and created flowers, buds and leaves, and then spent quite a bit of time coloring them and adding all the fabulous little details that bring them to life! Two really great days, and I couldn't have asked for a nicer and more hard-working student!

Peony petals and leaves drying:

Various filler flowers and buds drying:

Finished hydrangea, orchid buds and leaves:

Phalaenopsis orchids:

An over-sized white peony - it's gorgeous! And I can't wait to see how my client ends up using it on a cake:

Color palette for a second peony with an open center:

The first row of petals for the open peony flower:

I did not get a photo of the finished open peony...and am patiently waiting for my very talented student to send me one! I promise to share when it arrives!

I also finally had the opportunity to meet the very kind and fabulous Tracy Auseklis of The Buttercream Studio! We have been corresponding via email and Facebook for quite some time, and it was so great to actually talk to her in person! She picked me up after class one evening and took me to her wonderful studio for a quick tour:

Her cakes are incredible - she has amazing talent! Here are some of her beautiful display cakes in the consulting area:

One of my pink and black:

And the ADORABLE Tracy herself:

After seeing where she creates all of her amazing cakes, Tracy took me back into the bustling city to one of her favorite Thai restaurants in the cute neighborhood of Lower Pacific Heights...and we talked shop (and everything else), for the remainder of the evening while we enjoyed a delicious meal! Thank you, Tracy, for your generosity and thoughtfulness, and for taking such good care of me!

MORE from this trip coming soon...I can't wait to introduce you to another amazing pastry chef who is creating beautiful work with modeling chocolate!

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Jennywenny said...

How fun! I'm so excited to finally have a lesson with you when you have time, those flowers are all so beautiful its almost impossible to decide which one to learn!!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Jacque - BEAUTIFULLY written and illustrated post. and your work / your student's work - simply magnificent. what a gift. Miss seeing you and seeing your creations in person ... one of these days ... Hugs - Davi

faithy, the baker said...

Lovely post! Those flowers made by your students are all so pretty! And when i saw that photo of Tracy's display cakes, i was so impressed with all her designs! All of them are so elegant and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Great post!

Kate Somburanayut said...

Hello I'm waiting for your great post for 2 weeks :) U have great class and I decide I will take course with u next year absolutely !!! If possible I will take Thai recipe book for u too.

Elins Altmuligblogg said...

Looks like a lovely town, and great photos from the studio. It is so fun to be able to have classes in other towns, and see new things around.
Have a nive week Jacqueline ;o)

nita said...

Hello Jacqueline, I am new to your blog by a couple of weeks. You have inspired me and helped me to decide which medium I want to master in sugarpaste. I have tried the icing (cake and cookies) and cupcakes (using handmade sugarpaste decorations) but I know now 110% that 'flowers'are going to be my passion. If I can get them anywhere near to looking as good as yours I will be thrilled. Please hurry up with the book as my funds do not stretch to a plane ticket to the US to join your class!!

Beautiful, beautiful blog made with precision and dedication.

Anonymous said...

I wish I can attend your flower calss, I lived in San Francisco and just found your website... I love your creation. Please let me know next time you will have a class in San Francisco email :

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thank you so much everyone...what lovely comments!! Wow!

**Nita - I hope you received my email..I am so excited that you have decided to concentrate on sugar flowers!! Congratulations and I hope you share photos of your work with me!