Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sugarpaste Roses by Petalsweet

I've always loved sugarpaste roses...beautiful and elegant...and perfect for so many occasions. There are so many varieties and gorgeous colors - but sometimes it can be challenging to get the petals and overall shape just right. In fact, when I started working with sugarpaste, many of my mentors and teachers told me that the rose would be one of the simplest flowers to learn, but one of the most difficult to master.

So...I've been practicing...a lot...and thought I would share some of the roses I have created recently. Here is a simple open rose - I might use a bunch of these mixed in with other flowers in a bouquet:

A larger rose with a more vintage feel - I might use this on top of a small cake with some tiny white filler flowers:

And a very large garden rose - I felt this one needed to stand alone on the top of a cake with the addition of only a pair of rose leaves:

It was a lot of fun to make...and I'm looking forward to practicing more...but the next round will include lots of color! More coming soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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keith said...

Once again, you've outdone yourself. Absolutely beautiful!

Jennywenny said...

Just so beautiful! I cant get over how flawless your work is.

Rylan said...

I agree, your work is totally flawless, something that I admire the most! Oh my, the rose is breathtaking! Gosh, it looks like it was made in heaven!

faithy, the baker said...

It's so beautiful! I just love your work and all your flowers! I havent been making any flowers for a while and looking at yours makes me want to go and practice too!

Kate said...

So Beautiful :) Can't wait to see your next blog. I love the purple one :)

DK Designs said...

That's so funny, the rose was the hardest one for me to master in clay!

Queen of Tarts said...

Just gorgeous! I've been meaning to learn how to do roses. Can I ask what cutters and tools you use? Are they all out of gumpaste or do you mix with fondant or something else?

Jacqueline Butler said...

Thanks so much everyone!

*Queen of Tarts - I mostly use cutters from Sunflower Sugar Art (Rose set and Extra-Large Rose set). My flowers are all made out of gumpaste.

suzisweet said...

All of your flowers are just stunning. So convincingly real, I can smell them! Just curious...how long does it take you to do the largest rose, especially if you are doing them from single cutters? Can you give info on number of petals/rows for the roses you have pictured?

Jacqueline Butler said...

Suzisweet - thank you so much! The large rose actually goes pretty quickly because I cut out a lot of the petals at once, and then shape them and build the flower. I don't work by a strict number of petals, but usually add them as I think looks best. But...for this particular rose, I worked in rows like this:

1 petal wrapped around center cone
2 petals wrapped next
3 petals
4 petals
6 petals (more open around center)
7 petals
10 petals to finish the last row

I usually make the flower to the row with 6 petals and let it dry overnight before adding the final two rows. I hope this helps! Jacqueline

philippine flowers said...

Hmmm... seem so delicious. Anyway, you have a nice flower cake design. I wanna try how to make something like that.


Winnie said...

Jacqueline, your flowers continue to amaze me! I always look at them and wonder, if I was to make one, I would probably drop it! I dont think I could bear it if I did! I just cant figure out how delicate your fingers are and they are sooo perfect!!

Emma said...

Hi Jacqueline. Your rose is outstanding! Your work is amazing and your an inspiration! I live in New Zealand and it is hard to find a good teaching site. I wondered if you would be able to aid me in making the large vintage rose? I would like to have just the one sitting atop my cake for a competition coming up soon. I would realy appreciate any help. My main questions are have you made these on wires or just glued each piece and how do you get the shape of the vintage rose petals?

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Emma!
Thank you so much! The large roses I made in this post were all one piece, no wired petals. A few comments above this one, I outlined the rows and numbers of petals I used to create the large single rose. I usually cut my petals and curl back the edges with a wooden skewer to shape them, then let them dry a bit in plastic soup spoons so they are cupped. One they have set, I glue them to the main body of the flower. Please send me an email if you have further questions...I couldn't link to you from here! Would love to help if I can! Jacqueline

Emma said...

That's wonderful thank you sooo much! I am going to have a practice either tonight or tomorrow. Thank you and will take you up on the offer of email if I need any more help with anything. I really love your work! I'm very jealous as you have a lot more cake tools available to you over there - we have very little in NZ! :( I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)

Stacy said...

Your roses are absolutely breath taking!!! Would you ever consider doing a tutorial?

littledesserts said...

veramente bellissimi!!!!

Marcelinho said...

Dear Jacqueline!

Wonderful. What cutter you used for these roses? It seemed Scott Clark Wooley?
Marcelo (from Brazil)

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Marcelo,
Yes - the roses were made with the cutters from Scott Woolley. You will need his regular and XL sets to make the oversized rose!
Very best,

Charlotte spence said...

Dear Jacqueline, first of all i think your flowers are wonderful. I have looked though the posts and it may sound like a stupid question but for the big vintage roses do you use the same size cutter for all the petals or do you change that as you add more petals. I would really appriciate your help. Thank you

x Charlotte

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Charlotte...you will need to increase the size of the petals as you go. They need to be bigger as the flower is growing in size, or else the petals won't stick out far enough to be seen under the previous row. Jacqueline x

Annette Smith said...

Hi Jacqueline!

What size cutter of Scott's do I use for the first petal, and when do you change the size up? I see that he sells an Xtra large cutter set, and I'll order those on Monday. I would guess that those are for the last two rows, but what do you start with? Also, will you do a rose tutorial for Cakemasters? I am going to take the Gardenia one. Thank you so much for letting us oldsters learn this. This is on my bucket list, and I am at home recuperating from surgery. I don't quilt. I love learning sugar paste art. LOL! Maybe in Heaven I can make angel food cakes and sugar paste roses! I love it! But, I do hope to learn how to make a rose. Please help me. Thanks!

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Annette..I haven't made this particular rose in a few years, but I probably used a mix of his smaller set of rose cutters and then the larger ones for the outer petals. I do hope to have more tutorials for Cake Masters, but its doubtful I will do any for the rose since Tracy from Cotton & Crumbs really has the market cornered on them. I'll be offering other flowers that I use more often...will keep you posted! Jacqueline x

My Cookie Kitchen said...

Hi Jacqueline,

I really love the work that Tracy does! Besides Tracy, and Edna, and Gio, are there others that have videos or DVD's that teach?



Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Annette...Scott Woolley has DVDs but no longer teaches in person. And of course you have Nicholas Lodge and Colette Peters. Both have classes on Craftsy and still teach in person. Jacqueline

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqueline,
Thanks for your help on this rose. In your answers you advised someone of this: "1 petal wrapped around center cone
2 petals wrapped next
3 petals
4 petals
6 petals (more open around center)
7 petals
10 petals to finish the last row"

Can you tell us what size cutter you used for each row?

I can't go to Nicholas Lodge's or Collette Peters classes. That is out of my budget for this year. Any help you provide, we all are grateful!

Anonymous said...


I found a video from designer-cakes.com and they have a video with all the info in it I need.

Thanks for everything!

(Hopefully, one more thing off my bucket list! rofl!)


Jacqueline Butler said...

Thanks Annette!

Anonymous...I'm so sorry, I made this rose many years ago and have no idea what sizes of rose petal cutters I used. I would suggest a good place to start are the two sets Scott Woolley sells on his site..a small set and a larger one that would mix well together to make an oversized rose. I'm guessing the first petal size I probably started with was about 1.5" tall. You'll have to do some experimenting...I'm sorry I can't remember more, and I don't have the flower for reference. Jacqueline x