Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ron Ben Israel Classes - The Follow-Up!

I promised I would post a few additional photos from Ron Ben-Israel's classes as soon as I received them...and the fabulous Kate Essenberg did not disappoint! Not only is she a great friend and fab cake decorator, but also an amazing opera singer, wonderful mom, and incredible photographer!! Thank you, Kate, for sharing so many great photos with me!

The lovely Kate and Ron:

I mentioned in my previous posts that I was too busy watching and listening to Ron during his demonstrations, and forgot to take photos of him in action! Kate captured his kind and whimsical spirit so well - I just had to post a few of my favorites...

Ron starting one of his flower demos:

Posing with his beautiful gardenia:

That's me getting a lesson from Ron about adding "bling" to a cake:

And Kate took this photo of me working on my "bling-less" cake...obviously I didn't learn Ron's lesson very well!

Here are a few more photos of completed cakes from Ron's Bling and Custom Silicone Molds Class - created by three of my fabulous and talented classmates!

By Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium:

By Callie Stingel of Callie's Confections:

By Dianna Tornow of Dianna Tornow Cakes:

Gorgeous work...thanks to everyone for letting me share your wonderful talent!

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Elins Altmuligblogg said...

That's some gorgeous photos and cakes.
You look great working with your cake ;o)

Elin xx

Rylan said...

Jacqueline, thanks a lot for sharing. The gardenia is BREATHTAKING! wow, it looks so real! The other cakes are beautiful as well--I'm loving your white on white cake (saw it on a previous post), so classy and sophiticated.

Now, I can't wait to take a class with you! You are AMAZING!

sugarpink icing said...

Beautiful cakes ladies, luv it so much!

Kate said...

Woo Hoo!!!! It was a great experience, huh? Love ya!!!! :)