Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Firsts and Fan Pages

Happy December 1st, and Holiday Greetings! I thought I would make a quick post to start the month off on a fun and pretty note! First, this gorgeous tree is blooming in my front yard, which is absolutely getting me into the holiday spirit:

And also I am happy to let you know that our Facebook Fan Page is finally up! Thank you so much for looking and for your support! The Facebook icon in the left column will take you directly to the Petalsweet Cakes page. Enjoy!

This month will be busy with some new cake designs, definitely more flowers, and probably some Christmas cookies as well! As usual, I will be happily taking photos along the way, and will share them here as soon as I finish each project. I am also very excited to be developing some new ventures for next year...I will post more details soon!


Michael McCafferty said...

How does that tree know Christmas is coming?

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

I searched Facebook for petalsweet cakes and it didn't bring you up ... did i type it in wrong?

Marti Moore said...

And to think that we pay 30 - 40 dollars for potted plants that never make it into trees such as this! Alas, living in the mid-west has its drawbacks.