Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Enough for a Small Gathering

The cake I designed this week was small and unfussy...but challenging due to its simplicity and clean lines. My kind and lovely bride wanted just enough cake for a small, intimate gathering of her family and friends. She had planned a Sunday morning wedding at the beach, followed by brunch on the patio of a beautiful venue...and requested dark chocolate cake hidden beneath ivory colored buttercream. She also knew she loved Phalaenopsis orchids and was hoping I could incorporate a few of them and some simple greenery into the design.

Here are the sugarpaste orchids and leaves while they are drying:

And the orchids once dusted and painted:

And dusting colors for the leaves:

And some photos of the final cake!

Congratulations to my lovely bride and her groom! It was such a pleasure to be a part of their wonderful celebration!


... said...


Absolutely amazing artistry!

I think it's great that you tell the story in photos. You have everything you need for an excellent magazine story on how you did it.

jenbut said...

Dang Jackie - that is one gorgeous cake!

SweetThings said...

As always, your sugar flowers are just gorgeous!

medhadevdas said...


h said...

well done, they look amazing!! what cutters did you use for the orchids and where can i get some? thanks

Jacqueline Butler said...

Hello "h" can find these cutters and veiners via Scott Woolley online. His site is Jacqueline